Golf and Golfclubs

Different types of clubs and how they're used?

Golf clubs come in several different types, that is why you see golfers carrying so many with them. Each club is designed to do a different job so you need to have most of these clubs when you go out to play. At a minimum you will need at least nine different clubs although you are allowed to have fourteen for each round of golf that you play.

The first type of golf club that you will likely use when you first tee off is a wood. This is a club that has a large head on it and is designed for hitting the ball a long distance. While historically they have been made out of wood most modern woods are made of steel although some are mode of plastic or other metals. A wood is used to hit the ball a long distance and is usually used for the first shot on each whole. Most golfers will carry two woods because they can hit the ball so far nowadays that a driver may take the ball too far, therefore they also carry a three wood for shorter holes.

The next type of club that you will encounter will be an iron. These are the clubs that have the wedge shaped heads and they are used to loft the ball. After your first shot most of the rest of your shots will use one of these. Because you will need to loft the ball different distances golfers carry a number of different irons with different angles to them. This allows you to alter the height to which the ball gets lifted which alters the distance that it flies. All golfers will need a 3,5,7 and 9 iron as part of their equipment, more experienced golfers may want to carry additional irons.

The next type of club that you will come across are the wedges, these are the pitching wedges and the sand wedge. Really these are just irons that have a very steep angle to them. They are designed to get the ball out of difficult lies by lofting it at a very steep angle. You may find that you also want to use them when you have only a very short distance to get to the green.

The last club that you will encounter will be the putter. This is a club that is designed to be used on the green. This is club that has flat face since you want to keep the ball on the ground when you are putting. The idea is to roll the ball across the green and into the hole. Golfers tend to be very particular about their putters since it is normally the most important club in their bag. Professional golfers will change putters on a regular basis in an attempt to find one that works better for them.